Thursday, February 18, 2016

WJ :: Front End Steering and Suspension

Updated Front End Steering and Suspension map for the Jeep WJ

Steering Parts List.  Please remember, I'm only naming/linking to items I've personally used or that come HIGHLY recommended from the WJ / Jeep Community.

I'm breaking "tie-rods" in to two sections - Tie Rod and Drag Link

:: TIE ROD outlined in blue
  (Lower steering link from tire to tire) One Sleeve, 2 ends.
   > END- Lower Passenger side
        Moog ES3472 Tie Rod End
   > END- Lower Driver side
       Moog ES3473 Tie Rod End
   > SLEEVE - lower tire to tire
       Moog DS1452S Tie Rod Sleeve

:: DRAG LINK outlined in purple
  (upper steering link from pitman arm to passenger side) One Sleeve, 2 ends.
   > END- Upper Passenger side
      Moog ES3474 Tie Rod End
   > END- Upper Driver side @ pitman arm
      Moog ES3475 Tie Rod End
   > SLEEVE - Drag link pitman arm to passenger tire
      Moog DS1453S Drag Link Sleeve

:: Wheel Bearing / Hub Assembly (you need 2)
   > Front (driver/passenger)
      Moog 513159 Wheel Bearing / Hub

:: Ball Joints (you need 4 joints total. 1 upper, 1 lower for each side)
   > Front Upper - Moog K3134T Ball Joint x2
   > Front Lower - Moog K3185 Ball Joint x2

:: Steering Stabilizer (the cure to all death wobble, jk...relax)
   > Stabilizer - Moog SSD107

As for Track Bar and Sway Bar Disconnects, items I have installed in the picture are:

:: Track Bar outlined in green
    > JKS Track Bar (0 lift - 6" lift)
       JKS OGS127 Front Adj Track Bar - WJ

:: Sway Bar Link / Disconnects outlined in yellow
    > JKS WJ Disco 0-3.5" lift
       JKS 3100 OE Replacement Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnect

    > JKS WJ Disco 4"-6" lift
       JKS 3104 Front Swaybar Quicker Disconnect 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Aux In / Bluetooth for Factory Radio or RB1 - JEEP WJ 99-04 Grand Cherokee

Keep the stock radio/nav unit and add an Aux Input and Bluetooth adapter for streaming audio.

*You must have a factory head unit and a functional factory CD changer
** This is total redneckery, and CD Changer is not functional (depending on head unit model) after you do this modification.
*** I'm not responsible for ANYTHING you do to your own vehicle... 

What you need:


Basic Aux Input (no Bluetooth)

Aux Input for use with a Bluetooth Adapter
Images of the parts I installed


Getting Started

  • Remove radio bezel. Pry gently on one side, then the other until it snaps out.
  • Unbolt radio and unplug all connections.  Remove/set aside. 4 screws
  • Locate round cd changer plug and cut outer wire casing (you do not need to cut the plug off, stripping the casing back 2-3 inches will give you plenty of room to work with)
  • Using the wiring diagram from your year WJ, locate the left, right and left/right common ground audio wires coming from the plug side.   You will cut these wires and solder them to the female input jack. The left/right/common FROM the changer can be capped off, left unconnected.  The jack packaging should show you which prong is left and which prong is right and the ground prong.  Do not cut the ground/power wires to the cd changer, it must be powered on to *handshake* with the headunit.

  • Solder wires and test functionality before securing everything.  
    • Plug in the stereo and set it to cd changer (don't reinstall radio yet, just hold it up so it can be plugged in momentarily)
    • Plug a male to male aux cable into the input you just soldered and to your iphone/ipod/android
    • Play music and verify left/right sound.  It helps to turn the volume to 75% on the phone and THEN increase volume on radio.
  • Secure the adapter and wiring.  After you have soldered the input and tested left/right audio successfully. (and depending on your redneck level) secure the adapter with electrical tape and zipties to make sure the connection is solid so nothing comes loose when you reinstall radio or when you are jumping sand dunes while streaming the theme song to Dukes of Hazard.
  • If you are doing a basic aux input, leave your male end plugged into the soldered input and run the wire through the back of the dash and up in front of the shifters (or where ever makes you happy).  If you are doing bluetooth, with the male end plugged into the soldered input, run the female end out the back of the dash and up by the shifters.
  • Basic aux install is done, reinstall radio and re-test!
  • Bluetooth install, continue by powering up your MPow adapter  (or similar)  by plugging it into the power adapter port (cig lighter)and plugging the stereo jack into the female end that you just ran on the previous step.
    Here is where I ran my female cig lighter plug (wired into fuse panel so it powers on when key is turned on), totally optional...but this way, there are NO wires showing. again, zipties are your friend. and yes that's my CB external speaker

  • I put the bluetooth adapter just left of the radio.  The knob next to it is my rockford fosgate amp bass knob.

**Items I've noted with different stock headunits...

The basic tape player (no cd player on the headunit) didn't work well if a CD was actually IN the changer.

The RB1 Nav unit requires at least one CD be present for it to play audio.

Shoot me an email and some pics if this worked for you or have questions.